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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)
  • Customer Corner
  1. What are the documents required for opening an account for Indian Citizen?

The documents required to open an account for an Indian Citizen are: Aadhar Card and Certificate from Indian Embassy.

  1. How can I open an online account?

You can proceed for online account opening by clicking this link (https://onlineaccount.srdb.com.np/#/ ) or visiting our official website (https://srdb.com.np/). It should not take more than 5 minutes to apply. Before you begin, please ensure you have the following:

  • Photo of your valid ID (citizenship, passport) - you can take photo from your mobile or scan as per your convenience.
  • Your recent photograph- taken from your mobile or digital photographs as per your convenience.
  1. What category of account cannot be opened through online?

Current Account

Minor Account

  1. In how many days will account be INACTIVE/DORMANT and how to activate?

The account shall be dormant if transactions is not done for more than 3 years in saving account and 6 months in CALL/Current account. You must visit any of SRDBL branches to activate the account.

  1. Can Minor apply for debit card?

Minor is not eligible to apply for debit card by directly. However, operator of minor can apply for the card by visiting the bank’s branch. 

  1. Can I apply debit card issuance from abroad against the account maintained at SRDBL?


  1. Can I use Internet Banking service through my phone?


  • Internet Banking
  1. How to register/avail SRDBL Internet Banking?
  • You should have an active account in SRDBL.
  • Visit the nearest SRDBL branch and submit a duly filled and signed SRDBL Internet Banking Form.
  1. What documents do a business unit need to submit to avail Corporate Internet Banking Service?

To register for corporate Internet Banking service, one should have an active current account with SRDBL, and should submit duly filled and signed SRDBL Corporate Internet Banking Application form. The required documents are as:

For Public and Private Limited Companies and Social Organizations:

- A board minute, which should clearly state the following details:

  • Name and designation of authorized person to operate SRDBL Internet Banking
  • Whether to allow transacting facility or not
  •  Registered email address and mobile number 

For Partnership:

-An authorized letter clearly stating the following details:

  • Name and designation of authorized person to operate SRDBL Internet Banking.
  • Whether to allow transacting facility or not
  •  Registered email address and mobile number 
  1. How to login Internet Banking for First Time?
  • First of all, you need to get your login details which was send to your registered email. You can now login using any device having internet access.
  •  Open web browser (e.g., Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, safari etc.) and type https://ibank.srdb.com.np/#/login  in the address bar.
  •  You will see the login screen where you enter your Internet Banking credentials sent by the bank.
  •  Wait for One Time Password (OTP) in your email and/or mobile and enter the OTP.
  • View your account details and click Proceed button.
  • You will get a screen, which will prompt you to choose the primary account and change the Password.
  •  If you have been successful in changing your password, you will be redirected to the login screen where you should use your new password to login.
  •  Answer security questions displayed and remember answers to those security questions
  •  Now, you can view the dashboard with all your account information and enjoy doing your banking activities.
  1. What if I forget login password?

You need to visit the nearest SRDBL branch for resetting the password of internet banking. You will receive new password in your registered email.

  1. How do I change my passwords?

Login to your Internet Banking Account. On the left of the dashboard, you will see Services where you can find Change password option.

  1. How many passwords do I have for Internet Banking?

You have only one password for Internet Banking i.e., Login password which is required to login to your Internet Banking account. OTP will be used for completing transactions.

  1. What is OTP?

OTP stands for One Time Password. It is random and is 6 characters long, which is system generated. It is sent by bank to the customers’ registered mobile number and/or email address every time while initiating a transaction through Internet Banking. Customer needs to fill OTP when prompted to complete the transaction/activity.

  1. If I am an individual and hold a Current A/c as well as Savings Account, can I link these relationships to the same Internet Banking User ID?

Yes, if the customer-ID of your accounts is the same, then all accounts would be displayed automatically under the single Internet Banking user ID. However, if the accounts are registered under different Customer IDs, you will have to request for separate Internet Banking user credentials.

  1. Can I transfer funds between my own accounts, other SRDBL accounts, or to another bank’s account?

Yes, you can transfer funds within your accounts, or other accounts within SRDBL, or to any other bank’s accounts.

  1. Can I save my account statement on my PC?

Yes, you can download the statement from your Internet Banking and save in your PC.

  1. How do I view statement and download in PDF/Excel?

On the left side of the dashboard click on “Account”. You will see the list of all your linked accounts. On the right of every account, you will see “Statement”. Now you can choose date and download the statement in PDF and/or Excel.

  1. How can I recognize that the web-page is secure?

The URL starts with https:// – with the LOCK icon present on the address bar. You can view the site details by clicking on the lock icon.

  1. What is my role in enhancing security of Internet Banking transaction?

You have an important role in ensuring security of your access to bank accounts over the internet. For secure internet banking transactions, you must:

  • Always prefer to use your personal computer/laptop.
  • Do not reveal your password to anyone. Never provide your User ID or password to any one on phone or in response to a mail. Report a suspicious mail.
  • Do not enter login or other sensitive information in any pop-up window.
  • SRDBL does not ask you for any personal information other than your user ID and password when you log into https://ibank.srdb.com.np/#/login
  • Always exit using “Logout” button
  • Keep changing your passwords frequently
  • Do not share your OTP.
  • Always read the online security tips/important message provided on the bank’s website.
  1. When should I use Virtual Keyboard?

The virtual keyboard should ideally be used at all times, especially when you are logging in from the computer that is not yours, or in a public area like cyber cafe.

  1. How do I change my address or update my email?

For change of address and/or email id, please update your KYC at the nearest SRDBL branch.

  • Mobile Banking
  1. What is Shine Resunga Mobile Banking?

Shine Resunga Mobile banking is Shine Resunga Development bank's official mobile banking app. It allows fast and convenient banking from your handheld devices anywhere anytime within Nepal. Link your different or multiple accounts and transfer the funds or receive funds in real-time with this secure Mobile banking app. Also, new features and updates are provided regularly to make ease to the customers. Shine Resunga Mobile banking application is integrated with 2 largest Payment Card Industries (PCI) i.e., with Fonepay and NCHL and is integrated with 2 most trusted payment service provider (PSP) i.e., with Esewa and Khalti.

  1. What are the key features of Shine Resunga Mobile Banking?

Through Shine Resunga Mobile application, you can access and manage your SRDBL accounts to carry out various services:

  • Easy access to your account information in a single tap.
  • Real Time Fund Transfer between different accounts of SRDBL as well as other various bank accounts that are linked with SRDBL or Fonepay networks.
  • Fund Transfer to various bank accounts that are linked with NCHL Gateway.
  • Pay utility bills like Postpaid, NTC landline, credit cards, electricity bills, water bills, school college fees, etc.
  • Top-up can be done directly to NTC Prepaid, Postpaid, ADSL, NCELL Prepaid & Postpaid, Dish home, etc.
  • NTC prepaid Postpaid, CDMA, NCELL Prepaid & Postpaid, Dish home and other various communications recharge vouchers are easily available.
  • Easy payments to the Merchants that are linked or associated and registered with SRDBL.
  • Share and scan your QR to receive and make payments
  • Can locate branches and ATM’s easily.
  • View SRDBL Official Calendar
  • Can get the foreign exchange rate information issued by NRB and stock market value of the bank.
  • Face ID login and biometrics login. Use your fingerprint and face id to login and make payments.
  • Online Account Opening
  • Online QR Merchant Registration
  • Online FD Request
  • Online Debit Card Request
  1. How can I register in Shine Resunga Mobile Banking?

It's easy to get registered in the Shine Resunga Mobile Banking app. Without any inconvenience visit the branch to get registered then download the App and follow the instructions. You can set up your pin and password and enjoy the service.

  1. How to install the application in my Mobile Phone?

The Shine Resunga Mobile Banking app is available on both IOS and Android software. To download the application please visit Google Play Store or App Store and search for Shine Resunga Mobile Banking or you can find the mobile banking link in Shine Resunga Development Bank official website to download the App.

  1. What are the Login password and transaction pin?

The login password is your password used for authentication during the login process if he/she is using a smartphone with a proper internet connection. The login password should be alphanumeric with 7-15 characters long. The transaction pin is the 4-digit code that is set and used for any monetary transaction.

  1. What to do after registering in Shine Resunga Mobile Banking?

After installing the Shine Resunga Mobile Banking application on your mobile phone, please log in to Shine Resunga Mobile Banking with your login credential. The username will be your mobile number. After successful registration, you will be asked to change your login password and transaction pin successively. For password format, you can see the procedure and follow the instruction as in the popup panel that you get for changing the password.

Once you set your new login and transaction password, you need to log in again with the new password to use the service.

Note: Please keep your login password and transactions pin safe and confidential.

  1. How can I enable or disable my Biometrics?

After subscribing to the application, you will receive a message inquiring about the preference of fingerprint. You can enable your fingerprint to log in or for the transaction. However, you can press LATER or NEVER based on your preference. Also, can be enabled or disabled fingerprint through the settings menu.

  1. Can the transaction be canceled or changed?

NO, RTFT (real time fund transfer) For canceling or changing transaction error, you can contact the nearest branch of SRDBL bank.

  1. How to check my transaction history on Shine Resunga Mobile Banking?

Transaction history can be accessed through account statements available in the Shine Resunga mobile banking app.

  1. How to know my payment is done?

The notification for the payment is received through the alert message (SMS), details can be viewed in dashboard and it can be confirmed through account statement.

  1. How do I update or change personal information?

You can change your password through the application. However, to change your mobile number or other personal information, you can visit the nearest branch of SRDBL Bank.

  1. How do I report an issue?

You can go to the complaint option to report issues also you can visit the nearest branch of Shine Resunga Development Bank Ltd.

  • QR Payment
  1. What is a QR Code and how does it work?

The QR code term stands for Quick Response Code. QR codes are square barcodes (two-dimensional barcodes). Like any other barcode, a QR code is nothing more than a way to store information in a machine-readable optical label. QR Code used by Fonepay is a two-dimensional barcode to enable customers make different kind of payment transaction.

  1. What is the different Merchant on-boarding processes?
  • To register merchant from Application, the merchant should download the Fonepay Merchant App and process for sign-up.
  • To register through Fonepay merchant registration portal, merchant/Bank Staff visits the URL https://login.fonepay.com/#/ and process for sign up
  • For offline enrollment, please visit our nearest branch.
  1. How can a customer initiate transaction/account transfer through QR?

On IOS Device

  • Open SRDBL Mobile Banking application
  • Click On the + Sign on the bottom-mid of the display
  • Click on Scan to Send /Receive Money icon
  • Scan the Code placed at merchant location/merchant’s mobile device
  • Proceed to Make Transaction

On Android Device

  • Open SRDBL Mobile application
  • Swipe right
  • Scan the QR Code placed at merchant location/merchant mobile device
  • Enter the details and proceed to make transaction
  1. How long does it take to start transaction once QR merchant enrollment is complete?

Immediately. Once the merchant has been approved in the Fonepay platform, Log in Id and password of Fonepay Merchant Application shall be sent to the registered email address and mobile number of the merchant. By logging in to the Fonepay merchant app, the merchant can immediately start transaction using either Static, or Dynamic QR Code. It may take up-to 15 days to deliver the printed(static) QR Code from Fonepay network.

  1. What is a Dynamic QR Code?

Dynamic QR is a code generated by the merchant for each individual transaction, Merchant can login to Fonepay Merchant app, and generate dynamic code for each individual payment.

  1. What is the Merchant Service Fee (MSF) in QR pay?

It will depend upon type of business and volume of transaction per month. However, at present no MSF charges will be levied until further notice.

  1. When does the amount transfer to merchant account?

Case I: If the daily transaction amount is above NPR 50, the system will automatically transfer the amount in the merchant’s account after 11 PM of the transaction day. If the amount is not credited in the merchant’s account after 11 PM, please mail the issue to support@srdb.com.np or, contact E-banking operation.

Case II: If the daily transaction amount is below NPR 50, merchant should transfer from the Fonepay apps manually. First of all, the merchant should download the Fonepay Merchant application through Appstore/Play store. Then, the merchant should enter the log in credentials received in their registered e-mail and/or mobile number during the QR code registration. Upon successful log in, select Transfer to Bank option and enter the amount and remarks to proceed.

  1. Can we link QR with the saving account of Proprietor or Current account is must?

Case I: If the PAN is registered under the account holder’s name, then we can link the QR with saving account of the proprietor.

Case II: If the PAN is registered under the Company’s name, then the QR must be linked with current account.

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