June 13, 2024 (जेठ ३१, २०८१, बिहिवार)
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Shine Utsav Saving
Interest Rate3.01%
Minimum Balance100

1.   Introduction

 Shine Utsav Saving is a deposit saving account especially designed for celebration of Bank's up- gradation to National Level Development Bank. This product is bundled up with attractive features and offers to meet the requirements of customers.

2.      Waiver

1.      Mobile banking charges 350/-Per year.

2.       Debit card for 350/- per year.

3.      25% waiver on annual locker fee for 1st year only. Locker facility is subject to availability.

3.      Eligibility:

1.      Any Individuals with valid Identification documents in case of Nepalese Citizens and passport and other relevant documents in case of foreign nationals.

4.      Documentation

1.      Citizenship and 2 PP size photo

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