May 28, 2023 (जेठ १४, २०८०, आइतवार)
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Shine Utsav Saving
Interest Rate6%
Minimum Balance100

1.   Introduction

 Shine Utsav Saving is a deposit saving account especially designed for celebration of Bank's up- gradation to National Level Development Bank. This product is bundled up with attractive features and offers to meet the requirements of customers.

2.      Waiver

1.      Free mobile banking for 1st  year only.

2.      Free Debit card for 1st  year only.

3.      25% waiver on annual locker fee for 1st year only. Locker facility is subject to availability.

3.      Eligibility:

1.      Any Individuals with valid Identification documents in case of Nepalese Citizens and passport and other relevant documents in case of foreign nationals.

4.      Documentation

1.      Citizenship and 2 PP size photo

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