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Education Loan

Education is central to the human resources development and empowerment in any country. National and state level policies are framed to ensure that this basic need of the population is met through appropriate public and private sector initiatives. Government is also working for providing primary education to all. cost of education has been going up in recent times with the rising in tuition costs of colleges and universities, students are borrowing funds to finance their higher education within or outside Nepal. Education loan is an attempt to bring out a viable and sustainable bank loan scheme to meet the aspirations of our society. 

Knowledge and information would be the driving force for economic growth in the coming years. The current rate of economic growth of the country demands technically and professionally trained manpower in large numbers. To achieve the dream of pursuing higher education with hassle free financial condition, education loan has become an easy financial solution for the students willing to pursue their higher education both abroad or in Nepal. It is greatly flexible loan provided against the landed collateral, which shall cover entire expenditure from admission fee, tuition fee, and cost of stationary to logistic expenditure.


The main purpose of the loan is to support financing the education and accommodation cost of study within Nepal or abroad for children of individual borrower.

Tenure of Loan, Repayment Mode

Tenure of loan shall be maximum of 10 years; repayable on EMI or EQI basis.


Should be Nepalese citizen having regular source of income in the family.

Interest Rate

Interest Rate shall be applicable as determined by ALCO of the bank from time to time.

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