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Agriculture And Deprived Sector

Target Segment

  1. Individual Nepali Citizen and/or Enterprise.
  2. Age between 18 years to 70 years (maximum age limited to tenure of Loan) in case of Individual.
  3. Individuals with regular source of Income such as from: Employment, Self Employment, Remittance, Rental, Pension etc.
  4. Firms/Companies registered and fully owned by Nepalese citizen with regular source of Income from the concerned enterprise, supporting income source shall be accepted.
  5. D class financial institutions in case of Microfinance loan.


  1. For food and cereals production, cotton production, vegetable farming, bee keeping, animal husbandry, fishery, floricultural, cash crops production, poultry, meat production, forestry related, horticulture and other agricultural productions.
  2. Term Loan for construction of building, purchase of plant and machinery for establishment of farm house, organic farming, and industry for processing and storage of agricultural products, sales outlets of agricultural products, construction of ponds etc.
  3. To purchase agricultural tools/ equipments/ machineries such as tractors, harvester, refrigeration plants, plant & machineries etc.
  4. To purchase livestock such as buffalo, cow, goat, chickens, birds (ostrich), fish etc.
  5. For primary processing of agro production, cold storage, seed, and fertilizer sales etc.
  6. Retail or direct lending in micro finance (group lending and individual lending)
  7. For financing up to NPR 1 mn to small-scale business or indigenous industries.
  8. Wholesale or indirect lending under micro finance to ‘D’ class financial institutions or investment made by bank on such institutions.
  9. Provide loan under government subsidy.

Loan Tenure

  1. Up to 20 years in case of Term Loan.
  2. Up to 5 years in case of Subsidy Term Loan.
  3. Up to 1 year in case of Working Capital Loan.
  4. Working Capital loan provided shall be renewable on annual basis until 5 years in case of Subsidy Loan.
  5. Renewal on annual basis for deprived sector loan given to D Class BFIs. 

Nature of Facility

  1. Term Loan for financing Fixed Assets.
  2. Working Capital Loan for financing Working Capital Requirement.

Financing Criteria

  1. Up to 80% of total business investment in case of Term Loan.
  2. Up to 80% of NCA requirements. 

Repayment Mode

  1. EMI or EQI basis for Term Loan.
  2. Interest Payment shall be monthly/quarterly basis in case of Working Capital Loan.

Interest Rate

  1. It shall be the published rate by Bank from time to time. click here


  1. It shall be the charges published by Bank from time to time. 


  1. Group Guarantee in case of Microfinance Loan to specified limit only.
  2. Legal Mortgage on Freehold Property (Land and Building) valued by valuator of Bank.
  3. Loan to D class institutions must be secured by corporate guarantee.


  1. Property being mortgaged shall be compulsorily insured sufficiently to cover the Loan amount.

Documents required but not limited to

  1. Application form from applicants/ co –applicants with photo and/or seal of entity in case of entity.
  2. Copy of citizenship certificate of applicant, co-applicant and directors/major stakeholders in case of entity.
  3. Project report including existing and proposed investment, period of investment, nature of activities, projected financials etc. In case of financing to farmers and others, not capable of preparing detail reports, above information will be obtained verbally or simple hand written sufficient for evaluation of loan requirement and repayment capacity. 
  4. Documents related to other income such as salary certificate, rental agreements papers, pension book etc of the applicant and co-applicant.
  5. Net worth statement of applicant/co-applicant/proprietor/partner/director/ personal guarantor.
  6. Property related documents such as land/buildings/apartments ownership certificates, property deed, four boundary certification of property, land revenue receipt, blue print of the land, certificate of completion of building etc.
  7. Business related documents such as minute of the firm/company, registration certificate, partnership deed, article of association, memorandum of association, tax clearance certificate, PAN certificate, immediately preceding 2 years audited financial statement and 3 years management certified/projected financial statements in case of revolving loan or projected financial statement up to the period of loan tenure in case of terminating loan, business plan etc.
  8. Any other documents to justify the loan that may be decided by the management from time to time or as may be required by regulatory requirement. 

All the documents and copies of the documents should be signed by the applicant/ co-applicants to authenticate the documents.

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