Eligibility for Visa Debit Card:​

  • Individuals having a saving account at any branches of Shine Resunga Development Bank are eligible for Visa Debit Card. The existing account holders can apply at any time and new account opening customers can apply at the time of opening of the account itself.​​​​​​

Features of the Visa Debit Card:​

  • SRDBL Visa Debit Card can be used to withdraw cash from any Visa-affiliated ATMs in Nepal and India.​
  • SRDBL Visa Debit Card can be used for the payment at Visa affiliated POS (Point of Sales) in Nepal and India.​
  • The validity period of the Visa Debit Card is 5 years. 

                               Charges for Visa Debit Card                             

List of NEPS Members:

Commercial Bank                                    

  • Bank of Kathmandu Limited
  • Citizens Bank International Limited
  • Machhapuchhre Bank Limited
  • Nepal Bangladesh Bank Limited
  • NIC Asia Bank Limited
  • Prime Commercial Bank Limited
  • Siddhartha Bank Limited
  • Sunrise Bank Limited​​​
  • Global IME Bank Limited.
  • Prabhu Bank Limited.

Development Bank

  • Shine Resunga Development Bank Limited
  • Jyoti Bikas Bank Limited
  • Lumbini Bikas Bank Limited
  • Shangri-la Development Bank Limited
  • Excel Development Bank Limited.

Safety Tips for Visa Debit Card

  • Affix the signature on the signature panel at the back of the Card immediately upon receipt. Always sign the Card with a ballpoint pen.
  • You are advised to memorize your PIN code and destroy PIN Mailer.
  • Do not keep your PIN with your Debit Card and do not disclose it to anyone. Always keep your PIN secure by memorizing it instead of noting it down anywhere especially on the back of your card and never keep the PIN number in the wallet, where the Card is kept.
  • You are advised to change the PIN provided by the bank at the time of using your card for the first time and periodically thereafter.
  • Your card is only for your own use. You are advised not to permit possession of the card to any other person.
  • The moment you get the Card, note down the Card number and the emergency contact number of the Development Bank's Card Department separately. If you misplace your Card or stolen, it will be possible for you to immediately report a loss to block the Card.
  • Always keep the copy of the bill and the payment slip and ATM receipt for all transactions, till you verify and tally with your account statement.
  • Check your account statement on regular basis. In case of any discrepancy, please inform the Bank within 30 days of transaction date.
  • Please do not bend your Debit Card or leave it exposed to sunlight, heat or electricity, and things with magnets.
  • Never leave your Card unattended anywhere including at merchant outlets and ATM.
  • Make sure that the Card returned to you at the merchant outlets is yours.
  • When using your Card in a merchant outlet, only your PIN/signature is needed. Never disclose any other personal details about yourself, be it your address or phone number.
  • Never sign an incomplete sales slip. Make sure bill/sales slip is totalled
  • Keep the phone numbers of the Development Bank in a place other than the wallet that nests your Card. If your wallet gets picked, you can easily access the emergency number.
  • If returning or handing over the Card to the Development Bank is required, make sure you punch or cut it before giving to Development Bank's official.

You are fully responsible for the transaction carried out from your Card, hence it is your responsibility to keep your Card and PIN in safe custody at all times.
Note: PIN change can be done only within NEPS network member bank’s ATM Terminal.
For further information, any difficulties and queries relating to “SRDBL Debit Card”, you can contact or mail directly to:
Card Department
Shine Resunga Development Bank Limited
Head Office, Kalikanagar, Butwal-11, Rupandehi, Nepal
Tel.No. :+977-071-415502, 415503
Mobile No.: 9857082498 - SRDBL Card support-24x7 hours
Email address: card@srdb.com.np