Shine Resunga Smart Mobile Banking

Shine Resunga Smart Mobile Banking provides convenient mechanism and quick access to banking services for Shine Resunga Bank customers from their mobile devices. The popular services are balance inquiries, recent transaction details, e-recharges and bill payment to utilities like Ncell postpaid, Ncell prepaid, Top up, NTC ADSL, NTC landline and NTC postpaid mobile phone bills.

Shine Resunga Smart Mobile Banking integrated with Fonepay enriches our customer with more enhance services like Interbank fund transfer, Intra bank fund transfer and alert through Google Cloud Messaging (GCM).

Shine Resunga Smart Bank Features:

  1. Account Information This service allows you to view transaction of your account up to the period of 30 days.
  2. Fund Transfer
    • Interbank fund transfer (fund transfer within Fonepay member banks)
    • Intra bank fund transfer (fund transfer within SRDBL accounts)
    • To Registered Mobile Number
  3. Alerts & Notifications
    • Transaction Alerts
    • Push Notifications
    • GCM Notifications
    • Loan Repayment Alerts
    • Utility Bill Payments
    • Top up / Recharge Cards
    • Load Esewa Wallet
    • NEA Payment
    • Promotional Banners
    • Merchant Offers & Discounts
    • Branches and ATM Location with Maps integration and navigation
    • Forex and Share Price
    • Products & Services 
  4. Payments
  5. Information Services
    This application supports both GPRS and SMS which is the added benefit to our customers along with relief from the hassle of traditional SMS Banking where customers are required to memorize the SMS Syntax.

Fees & Charges

Profile Registration Charge Additional Charge for each new accounts Remarks
SMS Banking Rs. 100/- Rs. 100/- Users can link up to 3 accounts in maximum for single 
Smart Mobile Banking Rs. 150/- Rs. 150/- Users can link up to 3 accounts in maximum for single
Merchant Profile Rs. 200/-
  • Password Reset Charge – Rs. 50/- per reset

Interbank Transaction & Charges

Transaction Range Transfer Fees
Upto NPR. 1,000/-  NPR 10/- per transaction
NPR 1,000/- to NPR 50,000/- NPR 20/- per transaction

Intra bank Transaction & Charges (fund transfer within SRDBL Accounts)

Up to NPR 100,000/-  Free

Limit on Mobile Banking Transaction

Maximum amount per transaction NPR 50,000/-
Maximum transaction per month NPR 100,000/-

Procedure to Register to Shine Resunga Smart Mobile Banking

  • Fill up the application for Shine Resunga Smart Mobile Banking.
  • Submit it to the respective branch.
  • Receive your confirmations SMS and PIN code in your NTC or NCELL mobile.
  • Now you can begin using Shine Resunga Mobile Banking.


  • You must have Shine Resunga Bank account in order to apply for Mobile banking. No other documentations are required. Your network operator may charge you relevant fees for sending and receiving SMS messages.

Click here for download user manual