Shine Resunga Development Bank has introduced Centralized Applications Supported by Blocked Amount (C-ASBA) system enabling its customers to apply share via online in a faster, easier and simpler method. Now investors can have both options - physical or online to submit application for IPO, FPO and Right Offer of any public limited company for free of cost.
Applying for your CRN (C-ASBA Registration Number)
Under the C-ASBA System, customer first needs to obtain C-ASBA Registration Number (CRN) to register themselves to the service before applying for any issue. You need to fill the C-ASBA Registration Form (available in all branches) and submit the form at our nearest branch. Investors need the following information to be filled in the form: 

  • Bank account details
  • DMAT account details
  • Personal Identification details

Once the details are verified the branch will advise you with your CRN. You can then use this CRN to continue applying for new issue (IPO/FPO/Rights/Mutual Funds) in person by filling the physical C-ASBA form (available in all branches). One can also apply for any issue online from the comfort of your home without having to visit a branch using online portals upon registration. Customer can register with portals such as “Mero Share” for similar service.
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