Target Segment: Children below age of 18 years (Minors)

Eligibility: Parents should be Nepalese citizenship holders and supporting with the Birth certificate of the child

Features :

Minimum Balance Zero (0)
Interest Rate 4.50 % p.a.(subject to change)
Interest Calculation on Daily Balance
Interest Payment Frequency Quarterly
ABBS Charge (Deposit Only) Free
Issuance of Bank Statement NPR 150 (1 time free for one period)

Note :

  • This account targets minors as customers, this account will be blocked when customer attains 18 years (i.e.) eligible for citizenship certificate.
  • Upon submission of the required documents asked by the bank customer will be allowed to operate next account as per requirement of the customer and minor account shall be closed upon transfer of amount to next opened account.
  • Even if minor after attaining major does not want to operate any account then also the payment of child saving shall be done through account transfer only opening next account after obtaining necessary documents for account opening.