Shine Resunga Development Bank

Head Office : Siddhartha Road, Butwal-8,
Rupandehi 071-551500,551498

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Deprived Sector

Target Segment:
  • Retail/Cluster Lending to Individual Nepali Citizen.
  • Wholesale Lending to Licesed Institution as Class "D" from Nepal Rastra Bank.
  • Age between 18 years to 70 years (maximum age limited to tenure of Loan) in case of Individual.
  • Regular Income shall be preferred.
  • To Construct Low Cost Housing as prescribed by Deprived Sector Policy of the Bank.
  • To operate retail business within the definition of Deprived Sector Polciy of the Bank.
  • To invest in the Agricultural Sector within the Limit of the Loan as prescribed by Deprived Sector Policy of the Bank.
Loan Limit & Security:
  • Upto 4 lacs for Construction of Low Cost Housing in case of Individual.
  • Upto 1.5 lacs with Collateral in case of Individual.
  • Upto 1 lac with or without Collateral, In case without Collateral Group Guarantee is compulsory.
  • Above Loan Limit is subject to change as per Deprived Sector Policy of the Bank.
  • Limit approved by BOD as per requirement to meet Deprived Sector Lending in case of Wholesale Lending.
Loan Tenure:
  • Minimum 1 year Maximum 10 years in case of Individual.
  • Time as decided by BOD at the time of approval of Loan in case of Wholesale Lending.
Repayment Mode:
  • On EMI Basis in case of Retail/Cluster Lending
  • Interest Payment shall be monthly/quarterly in case of Wholesale Lending.
  • Principal Repayment/Renewal shall be on yearly basis in case of Wholesale Lending.
Interest Rate:
  • It shall be the published rate by Bank from time to time.
  • Service charges and all other applicable charges shall be as per Bank's STC policy.
Documents Required:
  • Application form with Photo/Company Seal from Applicants/ Co -applicants/Institution and photo of Personal Guarantor if any.
  • Copy of Citizenship Certificate of Applicants/Co-Applicants/Directors/Management and Personal Guarantor if any.
  • In case of Institution Financial Statement of immediately preceeding Quarter,  copies of all business related documents such as Registration Certificate as Company, License from NRB, Article of Association, Memorandum of Association, Tax Clearance Certificate, PAN certificate, Audited Financial Statements of immediately preceeding Fiscal Year, Minutes.
  • Any other documents to justify the loan that may be decided by the management from time to time or as may be required by regulatory requirement.